Membership-Tournament Entry Guide

The information below is intended to provide assistance in purchasing a Badminton NL Membership and entering a sanctioned Badminton NL tournament.


Mmembership is mandatory in order to access Badminton NL programming and must be paid before registering for a sanctioned event. Memberships are valid from September 1 – August 31.

Badminton NL membership renewal is now available. Effective 01 September 2017, any player trying to register for a tournament in Newfoundland and Labrador or a sanctioned Badminton Canada event that is using Badminton Tournament Planner to accept on-line entries must have a current – valid membership with Badminton NL.

Effective 01 September, all members are required to register through the Badminton Canada portal integrating Badminton Newfoundland and Labrador and Badminton Canada Licenses allowing for access to all provincial and national sanctioned tournaments.

Badminton NL offers three membership categories which should enable any player to choose the most appropriate membership based upon their needs/requirements.  At any time you may go back and upgrade your membership type and you simply will be required to pay the difference between the two types.


Regional Membership - $10
  • Insurance through Sport NL for all BNL tournaments
  • Play in ONE BNL tournament.
  • Eligible to participate in NL Games Qualifier
  • Regular updates on BNL programming and events
  • Players NOT eligible for Provincial and Canada Games Selection
  • Provincial rankings (maintained by BNL)
Provincial Membership - $25
  • Insurance through Sport NL for all BNL and Atlantic tournaments
  • Play in ALL BNL tournaments, and Atlantic Series tournaments
  • Eligible to participate in NL Games Qualifier and NL Games
  • Regular updates on BNL programming and events
  • Players eligible for Provincial Team and Canada Games selection(provided BNL criteria is met)
  • Provincial rankings (maintained by BNL)
National Membership - $40
  • Insurance through Sport NL for all BNL, Atlantic and National tournaments
  • Play in ALL BNL, Atlantic Series, and National (sanctioned by Badminton Canada) tournaments
  • Eligible to participate in NL Games Qualifier and NL Games
  • Players eligible for Provincial Team and Canada Games selection(provided BNL criteria is met)
  • Regular updates on BNL programming and events
  • Provincial rankings (maintained by BNL), and National rankings (maintained by Badminton Canada)
Single Event Out of Country/Province Membership - $16
  • Designed for the out of Province/Country Player
  • Register for One BNL tournament
  • Included BNL Insurance for the registered Tournament

Renew BNL Membership  New BNL Membership

Badminton NL Membership ID

Your ID number is your identity within the national database.

Once you have submitted your application for membership, you will receive an email from our automated database. You must activate your account through the instructions contained within the email. Your Badminton NL number will begin with the letters NL followed by five numbers, this becomes your identity within the computerized system.

You will be required to supply this number each time you enter a tournament.

Paying for membership DOES NOT enter a player into a competition/tournament. Each player MUST make their own entry AFTER purchasing a membership.

Tournament Software

Badminton NL makes use of several software/on-line products developed by Visual Reality of The Netherlands.  As a license holder, we have a web page dedicated to Badminton NL  events within the tournament software web.

All tournament announcements will be posted on Badminton NL’s website( and each tournament will have a tournament/registration site dedicated to it.   The announcement will have a link to the registration site for the tournament. To register for a tournament just click on its registration link which will take you to the external tournament site page.  See example graphic below.

To Register for the tournament click the red “Click here to enter online” button.  You will be taken to the login/signup page where you will see a page similar to the graphic below.

If you have an account just enter your login name and password and if you do not have an account click the red Sign Up button

Online entry page – select online entry with an account (even though you may not have an account yet). If you have an account you can simply login here. If you do not have an account you can select – If you do not have an account, you can sign up here – Sign Up. Here you will create your own username and password, so please write it down, as you will need it each time you enter online.

Regulations – simply read and check the “I agree with the regulations box at the bottom of the page”.

Confirm the personal information is correct for the you or the player you are attempting to enter. If you have more than one child entering the tournament, you will be required to have a separate username and password for each child. Under the events tab – you will need to select which events you or the player want to enter.

Entry key for Junior: BS – refers to boys singles, GS – girls singles, BD – boys doubles, GD – girls doubles, XD – mixed doubles.

If you or the player you are entering does not have a doubles partner, but you want them to play doubles, please enter the request in the name partner field. If you or the player you are entering have a partner, enter the players ID number and name(If you do not know your partners ID number please ask him/her for it, this will make things easier for all of us). This way the software will automatically pair the two athletes together as a team. However, this DOES NOT create an entry for the partner. Both partners MUST make their own entry/registration.  Partnering of all players who make partner requests is done by Badminton NL after the close of entries.

Online payment step – select Continue with payment. You will now be asked to provide payment via credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

Once your payment has been received your entry will be complete. Your name will not appear on the tournament site, until the tournament organizer has downloaded the entries from the server, and then republished the list of entries. Online entry usually closes 7 days prior to the first day of the tournament. Once the tournament organizer has republished the list of names, you will receive an automated email, informing you that your entry has been received.