General Tournament Guidelines

Badminton NL has established some guidelines inn which tournament offered through Badminton Newfoundland and Labrador will follow.  These guidelines are meant to ensure all participants have an enjoyable experience and to ensure the tournament runs smoothly.

General Tournament Rules

  1. All tournament rules shall be those of Badminton Canada and Badminton NL unless otherwise specified.
  2. The Tournament Convenor shall be responsible for managing a tournament and shall report to a Badminton NL Executive member or the President.
  3. Registration
    1. All players MUST pre-register by the published deadline.  Only registrations submitted via the published method will be accepted.  Registrations submitted via phone or text message will not be accepted.
    2. All players entered for the draw in doubles shall play with the registered partner, except when the partner withdraws from that event prior to commencement of play. That partner may not return to play in the event, and the remaining partner must take a replacement designated by the tournament chairperson from registered tournament players not entered in the event. Switching partners shall not be permitted.
    3. Players registered for an event without a partner, or requesting a partner, shall be assigned a partner at the time the draw is made. This assignment is official and may not be switched.
    4. Players wishing to enter an event but with no assigned partner at the time of the draw may be given a partner prior to commencement of play if a player becomes available. Such a pairing shall be final, and a pairing made after completion of the draw shall not be seeded.
    5. If a player pre-registers and does not show up, he/she can be penalized.
    6. Late registrations will be considered by the tournament convenor in exceptional situations and provided the draw has not already been published. No registrations will be taken on the day of the tournament.
  4. The Draw
    1. The seeding for the draw shall be provided by Badminton NL or shall be approved by Badminton NL. It shall be the responsibility of the draw-maker to assure the seedings are Badminton NL approved.
    2. The general draw rules shall be those of Badminton Canada and Badminton NL.
    3. All rankings will be calculated by the Badminton NL, therefore, it is essential that all tournament draws be returned as soon as possible to the office (keep in mind that they must be legible).
    4. Whenever possible, players from the same club should be placed in different sections of the draw.
  5. Play
    1.  A 15-minute default rule shall be enforced, with the exception of pre-arranged late starts on opening day.
    2. Play will be continuous except for a 60 second break in each game when the leading score reaches 11 points and 120 seconds between the first and second games, and between the second and third games.
    3. Play in all championship round matches shall be best of three (rally point system) and consolations shall be one game or best of three, depending on judgment of the Tournament Chairperson. All participants must adhere to the judgment call
    4. Players shall be given 30 minute rest between matches, as determined by Badminton Canada. This right may be waived by a player (with the exception of round robins).
    5. Scheduling of finals shall be at the discretion of the tournament chairperson.


  1. The Tournament Convenor shall exercise control over players and fans in the best interest of the sport.
  2. Court clothing may be of any color but should be court/sportswear in good taste.  Badminton NL and the tournament chairperson have the right to interpret “good taste” as they see fit.  For example, vulgar and/or obscene language/pictures, jeans or cut-offs will not be permitted. Shirts advertising or promoting things that are considered inappropriate will not be permitted.  The decision of the tournament chairperson shall be final in these matters.
  3. Junior girls must wear protective eye wear in the following situations:
    1. Competing in a mixed doubles event in a tournament.
    2. All Badminton NL sponsored camps/clinics when participating in mixed doubles activities
    3. All Badminton NL member club practices or club play when participating in mixed doubles activities.
    4. Junior girls not wearing eye protection as outlined above will not be allowed to remain on court. Policing of this policy will be the responsibility of the person in charge of the tournament, camp, clinic or club function.