BNL Coaches Code of Conduct

Badminton NL has established an Coaches Code of Conduct.  The Coaches code of conduct will provide a framework to ensure all participants have an enjoyable experience and to ensure the tournament runs smoothly.  For your convenience a PDF version is can be found near the bottom of this posting.

Coaches Code of Conduct

The athlete/coach relationship is a privileged one. Coaches play a critical role in the personal as well as athletic development of their athletes. Coaches must also recognize that they are conduits through which the values and goals of Badminton NL are channeled. Thus how an athlete regards his/her sport is often dependent on the behaviour of the coach. The following Code of Conduct has been developed to aid coaches in achieving a level of behaviour which will allow them to assist their athletes in becoming well-rounded, self confident and productive human beings.


Coaches Must:

  1. Ensure the safety of the athletes with whom they work.
  2. At no time become intimately and/or sexually involved with their athletes. This includes requests for sexual favours or threat of reprisal for the rejection of such requests.
  3. Never advocate or condone the use of drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances and never provide under age athletes with alcohol.
  4. Respect an athlete’s dignity.  Coaches must not verbally abuse or intimidate in any form such as shouting or making gestures, or in any other way distract any spectator, tournament official, technical official, opposing coach or opposing team official, or opposing player and not encroach upon topics or actions which are deemed to be within the realm of ‘coaching’, unless first receiving approval from the coach who is responsible for the team or athlete(s) involved.
  5. Recognize the power inherent in the position of coach and respect and promote the rights of all participants in sport. This is accomplished by establishing and following procedures for confidentiality (right to privacy), informed participation, and fair and reasonable treatment. Coaches have a special responsibility to respect and promote the rights of participants who are in a vulnerable or dependent position and less able to protect their own rights
  6. Dress appropriately at all times, vulgar and/or obscene language/pictures, shirts advertising or promoting things that are considered inappropriate will not be permitted.
  7. When actively coaching
    1. Coaches must remain seated in the designated area except during the approved intervals, however if a coach wishes to move to another court he or she must do so when the shuttle is not in play.
    2. Coaches must not coach when the shuttle is in play or in any manner distract the opposing player or disrupt play.
    3. Coaches must not delay the game by coaching in any form.
    4. During the regulation breaks during a match, coaches must return to the designated seating area as soon as the Umpire announces that there are 20 seconds remaining.

Adapted in part from Badminton Canada and Badminton BC