Protective Eye Wear

Protective Eye Wear Policy

In an effort to ensure the safety of its athletes Badminton Newfoundland Labrador has the following policy on protective eye wear.

While eye injuries are uncommon in badminton, when they do occur they can be serious traumas and even lead to permanent damage (Luong, Dang and Hanson, 2017). The risk is higher in doubles and not restricted to girls. Injuries are most likely to occur in inexperienced players, including adults aged 30 to 60 (Leivo, Havisto & Sahraravand, 2015).

Badminton NL strongly recommends that all players, both male and female, and particularly beginners and recreational players, wear protective eye wear.

Only eye wear designed for racket sports, with polycarbonate lenses meeting the ASTM F803 standard will provide sufficient protection.

Prescription glasses are not normally polycarbonate lenses and will not provide the same protection. Protective eye wear which fits over prescription glasses is available and strongly recommended.

Approved at the Badminton NL AGM, 17 June 2018