Bonne Bay Junior Invitational

On the weekend of September 26-27, 2015, players from Bonne Bay enjoyed a full weekend of badminton as participants in a Training-Tournament Combo. The weekend began with a Saturday training session during which Provincial Coach John Gillam gave the athletes a full day of instruction in badminton skills and tactics. This was followed on Sunday by the "Bonne Bay Junior Invitational", a local level tournament sanctioned by Badminton Newfoundland and Labrador.

Medals were awarded in five events as follows:

Girls' Singles:
Sara Pike won gold
Tanisha Parsons silver
Keisha Trimper bronze.

Boys' U15 Singles:
Jamie Martin won gold
Justin Young silver
Corey Pike bronze.

Boys' U17 Singles:
Joshua Young won gold
Billy Barnes silver
Kyle Martin bronze.

Combined Doubles:
Billy Barnes/Joshua Young won gold
Keisha Trimper/Tanisha Parsons silver
Kyle Martin/Jamie Martin bronze.

Mixed Doubles:
Tanisha Parsons/Joshua Young won gold
Keisha Trimper/Kyle Martin silver
Sara Pike/Billy Barnes bronze.

Medalists in the Bonne Bay Junior Invitational
September 27, 2015