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2016-17 Sr. Provincial Champ.

The 2016-17 Senior Provincial Championship was held on May 27, 2017 at Queen Elizabeth High in Foxtrap, NL.

To see complete results including match scores visit 2016-17 BNL Senior Provincial Championship


Advanced Men's Singles
1st: Muen Guo
2nd: Mike Alexander
3rd: Chad Peddle

Intermediate Men's Singles
1st: Chien Ming Yeh
2nd: Lincon  Md Abdullah
3rd: Justin Hendricks

Advanced Women's Singles
1st: Sarah Aubert
2nd: Fen Kuo
3rd: Cheyenne Ryan

Advanced Men's Doubles
1st: Muenn Guo/Gen Shuo Zhang
2nd: Zhiyu (jason) Chen/Xiayuan Dong
3rd: Chad Peddle/Travis Rideout

Intermediate Mens Doubles
1st: Yice Chen/Chien Ming Yeh
2nd: Gurman Khurana/Ramesh Mani
3rd: Nauman Rashid/James Yemi

Mixed Doubles
1st: Philemon Ho-Yan Leung/Sarah Aubert
2nd: Vince Hoang/Kara Ma
3rd: Chien Ming Yeh/Fen Kuo