2018-19 St. John’s Senior Open

The 2018-19 BNL St. John’s Senior Open was held on October 27, 2018 at Rennies River Elementary.

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Mens Singles
1st: Muenn Guo
2nd: Mike Alexander
3rd: Jason George

Womens Singles
1st: Sarah Aubert
2nd: Kuei Fen Kuo
3rd: Kelly Aung

Mens Doubles
1st: Mike Alexander / Chien Ming Yeh
2nd: Robert Hendricks / Geoff Robinson
3rd: Jason George / John Gillam

Womens Doubles
1st: Sarah Aubert /Kelly Aung
2nd: Kuei Fen Kuo / Angel Wiseman
3rd: Heidi Simpson /Jessica Willcott

Mixed Doubles
1st: Muenn Guo / Sarah Aubert
2nd: Chien Ming Yeh / Kuei Fen Kuo
3rd: Jason George / Angel Wiseman