Baccalieu Trail Junior Open

Badminton NL has rescheduled the Baccalieu Trail Junior Open scheduled for February 24, 2018.  The tournament will take place in Holy Redeemer Elementary, Spaniards Bay

Registration: Baccalieu Trail Junior Open

2017-18 Badminton NL Victor Baccalieu Trail Junior Open
February 24, 2018

Holy Redeemer Elementary
Spaniards Bay, NL

Open to all Junior athletes U15, U17 and U19, and who are members in good standing with Badminton NL.
The competition will be conducted under the official rules of Badminton Canada.

Events will be held in singles, doubles and mixed doubles for U15, U17 and U19 age categories. Badminton Newfoundland and Labrador will be utilizing the Tournament Software online registration system.

In the case of insufficient entries, events may be cancelled or combined at the discretion of BNL and/or the Tournament Director.  All events will use a round robin of 3-5 people unless numbers of entries make this impractical. At the discretion of BNL and/or the Tournament Director a different format may be used.
The competition will be conducted under the official rules of Badminton Canada.

Medals will be for first, second and third place.

Nylon shuttles will be used.

Membership Fee: Must have an current Badminton NL Membership, either Recreational(enter one BNL tournament), Provincial(enter any number of BNL tournaments) or National
If your current Membership is Regional then you will have to upgrade to a Provincial membership.
For more info regarding memberships please visit

Entry Fee: 1 event-$15.00; 2 events-$20.00; 3 events-$25.00
All entry fees are payable online through the Tournament Software system.
Entry fees are payable through Paypal through an account or a guest.
Entries without payment are not valid and will not be accepted.

Registration Deadline is February 17, 2018

Withdrawal deadline is February 17, 2018
Withdrawals after the withdrawal deadline and tournament no-shows will not be eligible for a refund on their entry fee. Withdrawals received prior to the withdrawal deadline will receive a full refund on their entry fee which will be issued when the tournament has been completed.

For help with memberships please email as soon as possible to avoid any delays/problems as the tournament registration deadline approaches.