Representatives selected for Central and St. John’s-North Regions

Team representatives for the Central and the St. John’s-North regions have been selected following the qualifying playdowns held this past weekend. Congratulations to all.

Girls: Angel Wiseman, Brianna Warren, Gabrielle Hunt, Jessica Willcott with Tia Cox as alternate.
Boys: Dylan Collier, Ty Winsor, Ben Tizzard, Ashton Thomas with Devin Roberts as alternate.
Jeff Tizzard will be the coach; Nancy Oliver will be manager/coach

St. John’s-North
Girls: Jiayang Wang, Anna Fitzgerald, Olivia O’Brien-Purcell, Kate Bishop with Amelia Hollett  as alternate
Boys: Thomas Rowe, Alex Nunes, Sundaram Biswas, Moizili Khan with Ranjeevan Ilango as alternate
Coach designate: Ryan Perks