2016 Junior Provincial

The Junior Provincial was held at the Community Youth Center in St. Alban’s NL on December 3, 2016.


U19 Boys Singles
1st: Kobe Mullins
2nd: Alexander Maye
3rd: Maxwell Hunt

U15 Girls Singles
1st: Jessica Willcott
2nd: Jada Rose
3rd: Amber Roberts

U17 Girls Singles
1st: Gabrielle Hunt
2nd: Sara Drover
3rd: Barika Sutton

U17 Girls Doubles
1st: Gabrielle Hunt/Sara Drover
2nd: Tia Cox/Jessica Willcott
3rd: Amber Roberts/Alexandra Strickland

U19 Boys Doubles
1st: Maxwell Hunt/Alexander Maye
2nd: Kobe Mullins/Christian Snook
3rd: Dylan Collier/Ryan Hoskins

U19 Mixed Doubles
1st: Kobe Mullins/Gabrielle Hunt
2nd: Alexander Maye/Tia Cox
3rd: Dylan Collier/Jessica Willcott

The event attracted a lot of interest in the local area as shown by the spectators who dropped in to see the competition.

Gabrielle Hunt from Victoria Academy, Gaultois was a Triple Crown winner, first taking the Gold Medal in Under 17 Girls’ Singles. Her team-mate Sara Drover took Silver, and Barika Sutton of Bay D’Espoir Academy won the Bronze.

In Under 17 Girls’ Doubles, Gabrielle and Sara took the Gold while Tia Cox and Jessica Willcott from Bay d’Espoir won Silver medals, and Amber Roberts and Alexandra Strickland, also of Bay d’Espoir took Bronze.

Finally, in the Under 19 Mixed Doubles, Gabrielle teamed up with Kobe Mullins to give Victoria Academy a third Gold Medal, while Tia Cox from Bay d’Espoir and Alexander Maye from Victoria won Silver. Jessica Willcott and Dylan Collier from Bay d’Espoir won Bronze.

The Boys’ Under 19 Singles was dominated by Victoria Academy as Kobe Mullins, Alexander Maye and Maxwell Hunt took Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

In the Under 15 Girls’ Singles, Jessica Willcott was the Gold medal winner while Jada Rose from Bay d’Espoir won Silver and Amber Roberts took Bronze.