2016 Jim Webb

Forty-five athletes attended the sixth annual Jim Webb Memorial Badminton Tournament that was held at Frank Roberts Junior High as part of CBS Winterfest on Saturday, February 13th. This tournament is a memorial to Jim Webb who devoted many years to coaching young badminton athletes in CBS.


Senior Recreation Doubles
Gold: Sara Shea/Mark O’Brien
Silver: Emily Butler/Jim Butler
Bronze: Sharon Stanley/Tyler MacDonald
Pictured below:Chad peddle and Travis Rideout being presented with the Jim Webb Memorial trophy by Mitchell Webb for winning the gold in men’s doubles.
Womens Competitive Doubles
Gold: Stephanie Stanley/Amanda Haines
Silver: Kuei Fen Kuo/Yi Zhang
Mens Competitive Doubles
Gold: Chad Peddle/Travis Rideout
Silver: Jon Pawson/Brad Walsh
Bronze: Chenming Yang/Mengdong Chen
Top Junior Male
Steven Rideout


Top Junior Female
Cheyenne Kennedy