2016-17 BNL Victor Coast of Bays Jr Open

The Coast of Bays Junior Open was held at the Community Youth Center in St. Alban’s, NL on March 25, 2017.

To see complete results including match scores visit 2016-17 BNL Victor Coast of Bays Jr. Open

U17 Boys Singles
Gold – Ryan Hoskins
Silver – Dylan Collier
Bronze – Christian Snook
U17 Girls Singles
Gold – Jessica Willcott
Silver – Jada Rose
Bronze – Amber Roberts

U17 Girls Doubles
Gold – Jessica Willcott  / Tia Cox
Silver – Jada Rose  / Amber Roberts
Bronze – Hannah Steele / Alexandra Strickland

U17 Mixed Doubles

Gold – Dylan Collier / Jessica Willcott
Silver – Ryan Hoskins / Jada Rose
Bronze – Christian Snook / Hannah Steele