2015-16 Sr. Provincial Championships

The 2015-16 Senior provincial Championships was held on May 28, 2016 at Prince of Wales Collegiate in St. John’s, NL.


Advanced Men’s Singles
1st: Muen Guo
2nd: Wooster Chen
3rd: Chris Ross
Intermediate Men’s Singles
1st: Ming Yeh Chien
2nd: Xiayuan Dong
3rd: Abel Tizzard
Women’s Singles
1st: Kuei Fen Kuo
2nd: Kara Ma
3rd: Kelsey Tizzard
Advanced Men’s Doubles
1st: Chris Ross/Jake Foran
2nd: Ming Yeh Chien/Gen Shuo Zhang
3rd: Wooster Chen/Muen Guo
Intermediate Men’s Doubles
1st: Xiayuan Dong/Zhiyu(Jason) Chen
2nd: Meng Zhang/Andy Chen
3rd: Emily Alexander/Bob Hendricks
Women’s Doubles
1st: Kuei Fen Kuo/Zoe Zhang
2nd: Kelsey Tizzard/Kara Ma
Mixed Doubles
1st: Emily Alexander/Jake Foran

2nd: Wooster Chen/Zoe Zhang
3rd: Stephanie Stanley/Geoff Robinson