2014-15 Sr Prov Championships Results

The 2014-2015 Senior Provincial Championship was held on May 30, 2015 at Queen Elizabeth High School in CBS, NL.  A fine effort by all and congratulations to all the medalist.


Advanced Men's Singles
1st: Nagesh Polu
Mengdong Chen(Wooster)
3rd: Nigel Power

Missing: Nigel Power
Intermediate Men's Singles
1st: Chenming Yeh
2nd: Zhihao
3rd: Robert Hendricks
Women's Singles
1st: Stephanie Stanley
2nd: Kuei Fen Kuo
3rd: Kylie Squires
Advanced Men's Doubles
1st: Brad Walsh/Jon Pawson
2nd: Chad Peddle/Travis Rideout
3rd: Brad Cameron/Stephanie Stanley
Intermediate Men's Doubles
1st: Avery Ash/Geoff Robinson
2nd: Meng Zhang/Paxi Zhanr
3rd: Roger Snook/Robert Hendricks

Missing: Roger Snook, Paxi Zhan
Women's Doubles
1st: Kuei Fen Kuo/Yi Zhang(Zoe)
2nd: Samantha Ash/Kylie Squires
3rd: Tong Guan/Yiran Liu(Liu Yi Ran)

Mixed Doubles
1st: Stephanie Stanley/Travis Rideout
2nd: Samanatha Ash/Brad Cameront
Yi Zhang(Zoe)/Vince Hoang