St. John’s Open Results

Congratulations are extended to all who participated in the 2012-2013 St. John’s Open.   The LTAD format event saw athletes compete in pool play based upon ability categories of Recreation/Intermediate and Advanced/Competitive.

Advanced Singles
1st- Chad Peddle
2nd- Jason George
3rd- Nagesh Polu

Intermediate Singles
1st- Brad Law
2nd- Al-Abbass Al-Habashneh
3rd- Hou-Kay Lor

1st- Jason George /Geoff Robinson
2nd- Nagesh Polu / Brad Law
3rd- Hou-Kay Lor /Chien Ming Yeh

Mixed Doubles
1st- Kuei Fen Kuo /Chien Ming Yeh
2nd- Yi ZHang / Meng Zhang
3rd- Jennifer Sheppard/  Hou-Kay Lor